AllAboutHealth (AAH): Revolutionizing Decentralized Apps

Altcoins, Decentralized

What is AllAboutHealth Coin? AllAboutHealth Coin is a MainNet cryptocurrency that operates on a blockchain with a block creation time of just 5 seconds. 210,000,000 is the maximum issuance quantity for the stable and secure digital asset, AAH Coin. The chain ID for AAH is 21133, making it easily identifiable and accessible to various blockchain […]

Terra (LUNA): Next-Gen Blockchain for Web3

DPoS, Proof of Stake

Terra, a community-owned blockchain that has garnered a dedicated following, is undergoing a significant transformation. The original Terra, now known as Terra Classic (LUNC), is making room for the emergence of a new chain called Phoenix-1, which will assume the Terra (LUNA) name. This exciting development marks a new chapter in Terra’s evolution and presents […]