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What is AllAboutHealth Coin?

AllAboutHealth Coin is a MainNet cryptocurrency that operates on a blockchain with a block creation time of just 5 seconds. 210,000,000 is the maximum issuance quantity for the stable and secure digital asset, AAH Coin. The chain ID for AAH is 21133, making it easily identifiable and accessible to various blockchain explorers.

Key Features of AllAboutHealth Coin

One of the key features of AAH Coin is its focus on security and efficiency and by integrating AAH with existing platforms like C4EI, users can benefit from economic and security synergies. AAH also offers a range of applications and services, including an AAH Wallet for Android, where users can securely store and manage their AAH coins.

Play To Earn and Gaming Integration for AllAboutHealth

AAH Coin is not just about transactions; it’s also about creating value and engagement for users. The ecosystem includes Android games where users can exchange AAH for in-game currency and even mine AAH every 8 hours. Games like cardAAH, SEAAAH, and majakAAH offer exciting gameplay and rewards, creating a unique gaming experience for users.

Next-Generation Smart Contracts

At the heart of AAH Coin is its next-generation smart contract platform. Built on a blockchain with a built-in Turing-complete programming language, AAH allows developers to create complex decentralized applications with ease. Whether it’s creating custom currencies, financial instruments, or smart property, AAH’s smart contracts offer unparalleled flexibility and security.

Token Systems and Financial Applications

AAH Coin also supports on-blockchain token systems, enabling a wide range of applications, including sub-currencies, company stocks, and secure coupons. Implementing token systems on AAH is straightforward, thanks to its robust and secure infrastructure.

Blockchain and Mining

AAH’s blockchain architecture is similar to Bitcoin’s but with some key differences. Blocks contain a copy of both the transaction list and the most recent state, ensuring efficiency and security. The block validation algorithm in AAH prevents fraud and ensures the integrity of the blockchain.

The Future of AAH Coin

The project, AAH, is committed to creating a thriving ecosystem for decentralized applications despite currently suspending its Play To Earn implementation. Additionally, AAH Coin, with its focus on security, efficiency, and innovation, is poised to revolutionize the world of decentralized finance and applications.


Additionally, All About Health (AAH) Coin is more than just a cryptocurrency, it’s a platform for innovation and creativity. Furthermore, a major player in the world of decentralized applications, AAH Coin, boasts an advanced smart contract platform, an integrated gaming ecosystem, and a strong focus on security. Whether you’re a developer looking to create the next big thing or a gamer looking for new challenges, AAH Coin has something for everyone.


All About Health (AAH) is now listed on Cryptopia! 🎉

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